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Quaker Chewy Bites Digital Ad

Fun copy to tout this fun, new Quaker product.

Aunt Jemima Holiday Ad

Sweet seasonal message for this delicious holiday pairing.

Sam's Club Holiday Kiosk

I wrote copy for holiday-themed digital screens and coinciding signage leading Sam's Club shoppers through the retailer's new Club Pickup program.

Quaker Forged Bar Digital Ad

My copy for digital ads focused on the fuel that these high-protein Quaker bar deliver.

Quaker Digital Engagement
Tropicana Digital Walmart Ad
Revive Bladder Leakage Digital Ad

My copy communicated why Revive bladder support is better than regular bladder pads — less bulky and more discreet.

Medline Ave Scrubs Digital Ad
Legacy Insurance Website

I came up with the user flow and copy for this Legacy Insurance website promoting Medicare sign-up for individuals ages 65+.

DailyPay Banner Ad

Banner ad targets retailer decision-makers with a message on how offering on-demand to employees can show they care and is good for staff retention.

Quidel At-Home Covid-19 Test

Benefit-driven-copy announcing Quidel's new At-Home Covid-19 Test with results in as little as 10 minutes.

Medline Amazon Brand Page
Medline Microban Digital Ad

Strong call to action and callouts highlight core benefits of Medline products with built-in antimicrobial protection.

Cap'n Crunch Sweepstakes Digital Ad

I developed the promotion name and copy that engaged consumers with a chance to win great prizes by playing the "Crunch! Spin! You Could Win!" Game.

Quaker Brand Page for Dollar General

I wrote family-focused copy that highlighted what parents want when they shop — great meal ideas plus great savings.

Life Cereal Digital Ad

My Life Cereal contest copy worked within strict web guidelines and character counts to promote the program on

Quaker Walmart Digital Ad

Copy worked within strict character counts and guidelines to deliver this branded back-to-school message.

Tropicana Probiotics - Ahold Digital Ad

Strong call to action highlights the 1 billion active probiotics in this Tropicana beverage.

Aunt Jemima Digital Ad

Holiday-themed copy promotes purchasing Aunt Jemima pancakes plus the syrup to boost sales of both!

Medline Ave Scrubs Digital Ad

I crafted the user flow, copy and tagline for, Chicago-based Court Reporters.

Medline Ave Scrubs Digital Ad

My copy elevated the major point of difference of these Medline scrubs, sold at Target.

Vi Living Communities Digital Invite

My messaging for this digital invite for Vi Living communities targeted individuals seeking retirement with an invitation to come and see/experience the property.

Medline Digital Banner
Sam's Club Splash Page
Quaker Overnight Oats
Medline Digital Ad
Medline Kroger Digital Ad
Quaker Overnight Oats
Medline Ave Scrubs
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